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3 Major Solar Myths Busted and How to Win the Sale!

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3 Major Solar Myths Busted and How to Win the Sale!

Skeptics doubt solar PV systems and often try to dismiss renewable energy sources as a band-aid fix on the environment.

Today we will be focusing on three solar myths surrounding Solar PV systems. We will be debunking these solar myths to help elevate negative connotations surrounding the topic. The ongoing concern surrounding our carbon footprint on the environment has reached headlining news in recent times. The race to reverse the environmental damage caused by digging for oil, fracking and coal burning is catching up to us. This article will focus on debunking common myths about Solar to help you close the sale.

Solar Myth No. 1 –  Solar panels only work in the sun

Solar panel technology has improved immensely over the years. Nowadays it is very likely to find panels with a module efficiency rate of 20% or more. Many panels today have features including > PERC Cell technology > Advanced glass and solar surface technology, half cell improves low light performance >Innovative black silicon cell technology reduces light reflection and improves power in low light conditions

Myth Busted!

The efficiency of a solar module is not determined by whether the sun is out in the sky. New modules can store energy from the sun into a battery for later use. With today’s module technology light is all you require to generate solar energy. Clouds, grey skies and all, solar panels will still produce energy in these poor conditions. Don’t forget solar power can help reduce your electricity customer’s bill and add resale value to a property. Ensure you share this information with your customers to help close the deal!


Solar Myth No. 2 – Inverters lose efficiency in high-temperature conditions

There is a stigma surrounding Solar inverters that they lose efficiency in high-temperature conditions. This can affect customers in rural areas or solar farms. Usually, with any PV system, it requires an inverter box. There have been recorded instances where inverter boxes malfunction due to high-temperature conditions.

Myth Busted!

With brand new technology, solar innovators have created a means to protect inverters against high temperatures or harsh condition areas. A weather box is a handy component that protects the inverter from being hit directly by the sun or wind. This preventative measure will help keep the inverter protected in harsh conditions. There are many CEC approved inverters in the Australian solar market that have high ammonia and salt resistance perfect for harsh Australian conditions.


Solar Myth No. 3 –  Installation costs are too high!

Purchasing a PV system out of your pocket, without financial aid is understandably a costly decision. Fortunately for your customers in Victoria, there is the Victorian Solar Homes rebate which can assist with the payment of installing and purchasing a new solar PV system.

Myth Busted!

On  September 2nd, 2019 the rebate program has increased the monthly cap for applicants to 6,500 triple the usual amount. The rebate pays up to 50% of the PV system cost or $2,225 off the total system cost.

For more details about the Victorian Solar rebate program, visit the Solar Victoria Website.

Dealing with customer preconceptions on solar can be a challenge. Sometimes, it is difficult when potential customers insist, they live in areas with poor weather conditions. It is important to share with your customer’s additional resources that can help them on their solar journey. By presenting them with in-depth information, resources and insights this might just close the deal and win them over.

For any additional information regarding Solar PV systems, inquire with Powerark Solar and receive a price list today!



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