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4 Undebatable Advantages of Using Solar Energy

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4 Undebatable Advantages of Using Solar Energy

Solar Energy is a topic that a lot of people are talking about. However, despite of all the criticisms that solar-powered technologies are costly and yet inefficient, though time has tested the potential of solar energy and proved that the future of this world is largely going to be solar. In order to further convince you of this fact, we have lay down four (4) advantages that you may find interesting when considering the future of renewable energy.

1. Unlimited Source of Energy

Among every advantage of solar energy, the most significant thing is that sun’s power, is genuinely a sustainable power source. Solar panels can source its power from anywhere in the world, therefore making it generally accessible as a reliable renewable energy source. Unlike other sources of power like oil or coal, we can’t come up short on solar energy. Solar energy will be available as long as we have the sun, in this way sunlight will be accessible to us for somewhere around 5 billion years as indicated by researchers. Surely enough, it will cover all generations of people here on Earth.

2. Good Investment and Low Maintenance Cost

It is basically free to harvest energy from the sun and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having your own solar PV system gives you a full control on your energy consumption and get rid of the grid. This benefit is apparent to all existing solar energy users and can be seen through the booming demand in the industry.

In Australia, one quarter of homeowners are believers of solar energy. Some of them even enjoy subsidies and solar rebate schemes from the government. These solar programs are designed to make solar components more accessible and affordable to the public. The exact amount of savings depends on energy consumption, the time of use and the size of solar PV system.

To give you an overview of the payback period, you can refer to the figures below:

(Source: Solar Choice)

Similarly, the payback time could be shorter when you have additional solar component such as battery storage or intelligence software for smart management.

Moreover, the solar panel frameworks, for the most part, don’t require a great deal of maintenance. You just need to keep them regularly clean, so cleaning them two or three times each year will carry out the task. If all else fails, you can generally depend on specific cleaning services from trusted companies. The inverter is typically the only part that is needed to be changed following 5-10 years since it is consistently converting solar energy to useful electricity. Aside from the inverter, the cables additionally require upkeep to guarantee your solar PV system to keep running at most maximum efficiency. These are only minimal maintenance costs after covering the initial cost of the system.

3. Multiple Applications

Solar power can be utilized for multiple purposes. Primarily, you can produce electricity through a solar PV system. Solar energy can be utilized to generate electricity in zones without access to the power network, to distill water in districts with constrained clean water supplies and to control satellites in space. Now, you can imagine the potential of sun energy in helping many lives in the world.  These are only few of the unlimited uses of sun’s capability to produce electricity. In fact in other countries, they are starting to build advanced type of technologies like solar-powered train or car and wearable solar components in order to power electric gadgets such as laptops, tablets and cellphones.

4. Constant Technological Advancement

Innovation in solar industry is always progressing and advancements are ever improving. In the days to come, we might witness a lot of solar trends and technologies  that will be very useful to further maximise solar energy in every home. Some of the solar breakthroughs that can be seen anytime are the emergence of Mono PERC new designed solar cells, Bifacial solar panels and Clear solar panels. The technology on incorporating Maxim Integrated technology and Tracking Solar Mounts are also on its way to utilize the industry’s capability to create state-of-the-art technologies in the market. There are unlimited conceivable outcomes and solar innovations this year and the years to come. These solar technologies will be accessible in the market and disrupt the solar industry whenever sooner. We are sure that these components will significantly upgrade the lives of all Aussies who love clean energy and consistently bolster solar products.

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