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5 Tips to Help your Customers Find the Right Solar Inverter!

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5 Tips to Help your Customers Find the Right Solar Inverter!

Solar Inverters are at the heart of every solar PV system. As a matter of fact, the amount of solar power your system generates depends on your Solar Inverter. When choosing a Solar Inverter brand, the decision must not be done lightly. Careful consideration should be applied when helping your customers buy the perfect inverter to suit their unique living situation.

Consider the unique requirements of your customer

In any business, it is important to understand your target market. You must consider what their needs are, what value can you bring to their unique situation and what value proposition can you offer.
Before making a decision, it is expected for your client to seek information before settling for an Inverter brand. It is important to identify their needs and suggest a competent Clean Energy Approved Inverter brand that can do the job.

Key questions to consider before suggesting an Inverter brand to your customers

  • What is your customer’s budget?
  • How much electricity is their home currently using?
  • Will they be making any major renovations or house expansions in the next 5 – 10 years?

A great starting point would be to introduce your customer to your current Solar Inverter brands and list the key qualities that make that brand a great option.

Inform your customers of the Inverter Performance, Quality & Consistency

It is important to provide your customers with relevant information relating to the performance qualities of the Solar Inverter you plan to sell to them. Ensure you check if the brand is Clean Energy Council approved and up to Australian Standards. To give you an idea of which Solar Inverter brands are CEC approved check out the list here. A background check on the consistency of the Solar Inverter Brands’ performance is important. Check their brand presence online, product reviews and if the company has experienced bankruptcy in the past. These small checks assist you in suggesting Solar Inverter Brands to your customer.

Recommend Trusted Brands and Quality Products

At Powerark Solar, we stock quality Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Inverter Brands at competitive prices.


Our newest Solar Inverter is from the globally recognised, award-winning brand Huawei.
We now stock the Huawei Single Phase SUN2000L -5KTL inverter which has been awarded the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ in 2016. A Highly regarded product with a review of 4.6 stars on various review forums online. Its sleek seamless design and battery ready plug and play technology are sure to be a great option for your customers.

The Huawei Single Phase SUN2000L -5KTL inverter is a great option for residential and commercial installations. Here are some key points about this Inverter:

  • An Integrated DC isolator
  • AC connector is cover free for simpler connection and user navigation
  • Battery ready! – Battery installation is via direct plug and play!
  • High-efficiency rating of 98.6%
  • Max PV Power of 7,500Wp
  • The lightweight sleek design of 10.6KG
  • Smart Meter – Export control and load consumption
  • Amazing 10-year warranty!

Another brand Powerark Solar recommends is Solis. The Solis 1P5.0K-4G Inverter is one of our most popular and trusted Inverters. Solis Inverters are a world recognised brand with a longstanding track record of high efficiency and reliable products.
The Solis 1P5.0K-4G Inverter is a quality Inverter comparable to many ‘high end’ Solar Inverters but costing a fraction of the price!
Here are some key facts about this inverter:

  • High-frequency switching technology
  • Smaller but smarter innovative design at 11.5kg
  • 24-Hour load consumption monitoring
  • Max efficiency of 98.1%
  • Wi-Fi monitoring available – Android and Apple friendly
  • Amazing 5-year Standard warranty + 5 years product warranty (parts only)

Another Solar Inverter brand like the two mentioned is Kehua. Kehua’s company mission is to provide reliable power solutions for various installation projects both in residential and commercial instances. Our Kehua SPI5000-B2 Inverter is another great product we highly recommend, with its MPPT Efficiency is 99.9%. Kehua strongly stand by their company core values: Renewable, Reliable and Responsible. They believe in holding these values in the highest regard in their everyday approach to business and dealing with their customers. Kehua is one of our most affordable Solar Inverters with key features such as:

  • Advanced control algorithms providing higher grid adaptability and stability
  • Industry’s first cold-resistant Inverter with superior operating temperature from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • High-efficiency inverter design reaching up to 98.3%
  • Intelligent cloud monitoring platform with Smart Phone APP real-time performance monitoring
  • Amazing 5 years standard warranty (with the ability to extend to 10-15 years)

Customer Service, Support and Warranty

When it comes to problem-solving any issues pertaining to your Solar Inverter, it is important that the customer service team are locally available to help resolve the issue. The solar inverter being the most important aspect of your customer’s PV solar system, a great warranty agreement is very important. All Solar inverters are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week converting Solar energy into the power that fuels your home. Ensure your customer is fully aware of their warranty agreement whether it be standard 5 years or 10 years.


Pricing is one of the many things to consider when purchasing a solar inverter. Keep in mind the Inverter is the most important aspect of the customer’s Solar system. It would not be wise to recommend the cheapest Solar Inverter to your client just to make a sale. Customers must be aware that the Inverter is the most important part of the Solar PV System. It is in constant use daily and will need regular maintenance over the years. The inverter is where an end-user would need to invest in the most. Informing your client of the importance of purchasing a quality inverter that won’t break down after two years of use is important. Provide them with data sheets and product information to help guide their purchase effectively.

Choosing the right inverter to suit your customers’ unique living situation is a challenge. There are many high-quality inverters currently in the market that when pitted against each other all hold high qualities making the purchase decision more difficult. If you require further information on any of the inverters mentioned, feel free to visit our website download center for all product information.


To Speak to a sales representative directly feel free to call us on
1300 887 557 or email us at info@powerarksolar.com.au or visit the Powerark Solar website.


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