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7 Tips to Win More Customers for your Solar Business

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7 Tips to Win More Customers for your Solar Business

Tip 1. Listen to Your Customers’ Needs and Requirements

Understanding your customers is an important first step for your business. Always be sensitive on their specific requirements and solar needs and fulfill it in the best way that you can. As much as possible complete the work professionally and on time with high standard.

Customers seek knowledge before buying from a solar company. Some factors triggered them to get off the grid and start using renewable energy such as rising cost of electricity or guilt about emissions and global warming. You must identify these issues and show them that you could be of help to build a solar system that provides clean energy.

With that, always keep a constant and good communication to the solar installer and double check all the solar components before dispatching it to the customer. After the installation process, you can ask for feedback from customers or installers to know if they are satisfied in doing business with you. If not, don’t fret, take the feedback on board use it o improve your business going forward.


Tip 2. Keep your Business Updated

Competition can be so stiff in solar industry. Solar businesses should keep up to date with trends to maintain their portfolio. Manufacturers are launching different products that are more efficient and cost-saving. You must be able to know these updates, so you can offer your customers only the best solar components in the market. You can always partner with an established and well-known distributor of PV products to easily know the latest trends in the industry.


Tip 3. Differentiate your Products and Service

According to Ted Page, consumers want to buy from companies who share their beliefs They want to see your vision and mission, not just a piece of junk mail. Always bear in mind that you are not merely selling to your consumers, but you are fulfilling their needs. With many solar businesses in the market, one should create a distinctive service and relationship to its customers. You can always personalize your service whether in terms of speed and availability of products. These simple things are often overlooked by businesses which are big deal to customers.


Tip 4. Reward Loyal Customers

Most of the time, the answer to grow your customers is right in front of your doorstep. Existing customers could be a big help to reach new customers. Word-of-Mouth still remains to be the most powerful tool in generating new leads. Happy customers can act as your brand ambassadors and be an effective marketing tool to amplify your business.

To do that, you can create an incentive-based program for your loyal customers once they refer other people to buy your products and have transaction with you. This won’t only give you more connections, but it will also give them more reasons to stay in business with you.

Tip 5. Promote Strategically

As we mentioned earlier, simple things might be overlooked by a solar business. One of which is its availability to customers. The best thing to do is to make your contact details public and well promoted by creating a social media page or website to visit. You can also put them on directories such as True Local, Truugo, Sensis, Yellow Pages and more to ensure that your customers can reach you anytime and more importantly find your business.

If you already have a page, make sure to strategically use it for your business. Keep it updated with your contact details, promotions, latest products and good content that support your business. For example, do a research on when your customers receive their electric bills and that’s the time you should post a content on how a solar system saves a household from rising cost of electricity.


Tip 6. Build Trust and Good Relationships

Building trust and good relationship is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort to have one with customers. But don’t be too overwhelmed, making your business more responsive unlike other businesses is already a good point for you since all of your customers don’t want to wait and spend hours waiting for an answer. Addressing their concerns and completing a quotation fast and efficiently could be a game-changer.

You also need to monitor your services like general check-ups and scheduled maintenance towards your customers. This is where they build trust in you and expect you to help them after a sale transaction. You need to show that your business sells good products and also delivers good service.

To keep track of your performance based on customers’ satisfaction, you can create a forum online where you can check directly what customers are telling about your business and immediately address an issue. This will show that your customers and their feedbacks are important are essential part of your business.


Tip 7. Don’t forget to Smile 😊

Smiling can give your business an obvious advantage. It sets the mood of your business and can create a positive outlook to you customers. It ensures that you are confident on what you are doing and happy to serve and help your customers.

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