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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Solar Battery Storage

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Solar Battery Storage

By now we are sure you have heard about the Victorian Labor government program that will provide subsidies of up to $5,000 to help 10,000 households avail battery storage for their homes and the South Australia Home Battery Scheme which offers $100 million subsidies for up to 40,000 households. With this increasing interest and government rebates around solar batteries, we have put together some indicative reasons why Australian households should consider getting them whether they plan to have a hybrid or off-grid solar system.


1. Solar Battery Demand is Booming

The interest in energy storage is not only limited to some places but in most Australian households. Sales of household batteries have been increasing year by year and customers’ demand is almost surpassing the availability of many installers in the areas according to Warwick Johnston, the founder and director of SunWiz.

In 2018, solar battery installs is expected to reach 33,000 as economics improve.

(Source: Sunwiz)

Following the basic law in economics, one can expect that the higher the demand for solar batteries, the higher the price of the products can have. More often than not, when supply can’t catch up with the volume of the demand, the price can be overwhelming. Thus, stop waiting for the perfect time to buy a solar storage and get one now before you run out of stock.


2. Solar Battery Backup Storage

Generally, there two obvious reasons why someone should buy a solar battery. First is to store excess energy generated by PV system and use it when solar panels don’t produce enough electricity for the whole day. Second is an emergency backup to be used when the grid goes down and can’t provide electricity. Solar PV system users don’t want to experience these issues and still prefer a backup storage, so they can spend a day without worrying about their solar system.


3. Solar Batteries Save Money

Utilities can demand charges for residential customers, and charge a fee depending on how much electricity he uses. The fee might depend on the total amount of electricity you use in a month. There are cases also that cost of electricity goes up during peak season when demand of electricity is high. This happens typically in the morning and at night time.

In this case that electric grid is changing their rates, solar batteries is the smart investment for homeowners particularly those who still have an on-grid solar system in order to avoid or at least control the inconsistent rates of the grid.


4. Long-term Investment

Due to extreme weather and normal wear and tear on solar panels, there will be a time that its efficiency to produce electricity will be affected and might not be able to power a household without another source of energy. Instead of depending on the capacity of the grid to make up for the difference, solar battery is another way of compensating for the lacking energy needed in a PV system.


5. Added Safety

Victorian Energy Minister Lili D’ambrosio launched a new quality assurance program, “Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program”, to ensure the safety of household customers and provide them with independent information of home battery products.

“Simply put, products that qualify for the Clean Energy Council’s Battery Assurance Program meet the standard we should all expect for a major appliance we are installing in our homes. The products have been independently tested to confirm they are up to the necessary electrical safety and quality standards,” Clean Energy Council chief executive, Kane Thornton said.

One of the products that demonstrated to meet the best practice guidelines and qualify for the new program is one of Powerark’s products, LG Chem. Other products which have qualified for the Clean Energy Council Battery Assurance Program will be available on CEC’s Solar Accreditation Site.


More and more customers go on their own and build their own household systems, particularly in populated areas. Gone are the days that the only way to maximize excess energy is to sell it to the grid. It is very clear that most of labor governments are encouraging the market to get their own energy storage because the grid is not their battery.

In the years to come, solar batteries will be a must to every PV solar system in Australia.

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