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Solar Inverter Monitoring – What You Need to Know

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Solar Inverter Monitoring – What You Need to Know

Solar monitoring is where PV solar owners use an online platform to monitor the energy generation of their solar system. Live updates of technical information about energy consumption and damage control are fed into the monitoring platform. Solar monitoring systems monitor live information from the solar inverter. Every inverter company utilizes some type of solar monitoring software or monitoring software setup. Solar PV systems generate energy that the solar inverter converts DC current into AC current to fuel in-house electricity. This technical information is collected and sent in a monitoring system compatible with Wi-Fi connectable applications for users to monitor. 

Solar monitoring setup and application processing can vary from application to application. Solar monitoring allows solar PV owners to regularly check and monitor their energy generation from any device, wherever they are.

Key Benefits of Solar Monitoring

Additional user benefits

  1. Provides users with the ability to view the system production of energy on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.
  2. Ability to view the status of your solar inverter and panels. This is a great way to identify signs of problems in your PV system.
  3. It can generate up to date reporting on your inverter’s energy production and detail a break down of its performance.
  4. Ability to create alerts that send information to your email regarding any system issues.

Additionally, solar monitoring systems are great because users can see the best times to run high load home appliances. For example, if a user is wanting to use a washing machine; their solar monitoring application will indicate when it is best to use high energy consumption appliances. This is a great way for end-users to monitor their energy consumption without overusing energy and taking from the grid.
Solar monitoring applications are a great safety net for end-users as it shows real-time data directly on any handheld device. Users can track their energy consumption throughout the day and use their home appliances based on the energy produced.

Solar Monitoring Methods

Direct PC Connection

This method of monitoring is where the Solar inverter is connected to a PC either using Bluetooth or a CAT5 cable. Here users can download free monitoring software from the inverter’s manufacturer’s website. This method provides a data logging advantage and is one of the most affordable solar monitoring methods.

Use of mobile devices

The advantage of modern-day technology is that you can track almost everything from your mobile device. Since most inverters allow Bluetooth integrations, you can simply connect your mobile device and review the data of your inverter straight from your phone. This method enables you to remotely monitor your PV system from anywhere.

Monitoring display unit

Traditionally, this method of monitoring is when the only way to monitor the system is by physically gathering information from the front of the display unit. The data can be collected either via Bluetooth or using a CAT5 cable.

Internet-Based monitoring

This method of monitoring is where the information is sent to a router which makes the information accessible on the internet. From here the end-user must now log into their password-protected login on the corresponding website, where they can easily access the information. A great benefit of this method is that the end-user can access inverter information remotely. There may be an additional cost for this method of monitoring due to the card you require to insert into the inverter to work together with a router.

For further information about Inverter brands and monitoring systems, feel free to contact our sales team at [email protected] or call Powerark Solar on 1800 887 557

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