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Solar Jobs: There’s Always One For You

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Solar Jobs: There’s Always One For You

In 2018, the Australian Clean Energy Council had given accreditation to the 5,000th Solar Power installer. This is only a few of the solar jobs that are in-demand in the solar industry contributed by the boom in rooftop PV, both in commercial and residential. “The Clean Energy Council expects that the number of Accredited Installers will continue to grow in the coming years as prevailing high electricity prices drive more consumers and businesses to consider a rooftop solar installation,” it said in a statement. There is a bright future in the solar industry, and it will require more labor force with technical and soft skills and expertise in renewable energy. With the growing demand for labor force in the solar industry, here are some of the solar jobs that might interest you and suit your knowledge and skills.

1. Solar Installation Electrician

Working together with solar installers, an electrician is responsible also in installing, maintaining and repairing electrical wiring, component, and fixtures for PV systems. A solar electrician also needs to ensure that a system or solar project complies with electrical and building codes. They hold a wide variety of jobs depending on whether they work in residential or commercial sectors.

Their asks may include:

  • Connect solar panels and inverters and other high-voltage equipment to the building’s power supply
  • Repair or replace PV-related wiring, equipment, and fixtures
  • Assemble, install, test and maintain PV-related electrical/electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus including fixtures.
  • Test PV electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring to ensure compatibility and safety; and plan layout and installation of PV-related electrical wiring, equipment plus fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.

2. Solar PV Installer

The main job of the solar installer is to assemble and install solar PV systems on terrain, roofs or other structures in compliance with site assessment and schematics. This may include measuring, cutting, assembling, and bolting solar components. This job can be categorized into two, the (1) residential installer and (2) commercial installer. The job varies depending on the required experience and the place where installation happens.

In Australia, installers are required to be Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited, which means that they underwent a rigorous procedure, training process and professional development. Installing a solar PV system is also required to be done by CEC accredited solar installers only. More than a requirement, CEC accredited installers also ensure an installation to be safe and compliant to standard practices in the industry. Accredited installers are also necessary in order to avail government rebate and scheme on the customer’s behalf.

3. Solar PV Engineer

These positions are usually for Electrical Engineering graduates that can design large-scale solar installations such as ground-mounted arrays for large solar farms and large roof-top mounted arrays for commercial buildings through editing software such as AutoCAD or Revit. Before designing a project, a solar PV may start with client consultation, site, and financial assessment in order to understand the capacity of a solar project.

4. Solar Auditor

Solar auditors perform site visits to assess the feasibility and cost of a solar installation. They produce design documents to help prepare the work of the installation team and obtain all necessary permits. They work in close collaboration with the sales team.

5. Sales Force

Working in the solar industry doesn’t always has an association with an installation. Another booming job category is those working in sales and offer solar products to different businesses, households or organizations. We can differentiate this category into two: the (1) internal sales and (2) outside sales. By the name itself, internal sales are desk jobs, making calls to potential clients. Calls can be “cold” calls or calls to list of potential clients. They sometimes also handle the customer service part in the industry in which they assist customers with concerns regarding solar components or PV system. On the hand, outside sales or door-to-door lead generators are responsible for creating leads outside the company and do the leg work.

Another possible position that these jobs can land is to be account managers of the company. This higher-level position has a wider scope of job responsibilities and can deal with residential and commercial customers. This position also requires bigger sales quota which can be achieved with the pool of sales networks.


This boom in solar jobs has a close connection with the growing demand in the solar industry. One in five Australians has solar on their roof but the CEC expects demand to remain high. Thus, we can expect that there will be a lot of solar jobs to be deployed in the years to come.


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