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The Fronius Shortage and How to Overcome it!

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The Fronius Shortage and How to Overcome it!

Since the Fronius Primo 5.0kW inverter hit the Australian market it has been hot property ever since. There is an ongoing product shortage Australia-wide. It seems to get hold if this inverter has become near impossible. Wholesalers nation-wide are struggling to get their hands on stock. Gathered from the public’s response to online forums, this shortage has left installers frustrated everywhere. What is believed to be the case is that Fronius cannot keep up with the booming market demand.

Increase in solar installations every month

A monthly report created by the Australian PV Institute (APVI), highlights that this time last year approximately 16,451 PV installations were made in that month. Fast-forward to 2019, the report highlights quite an increase with approximately 22,474 reported PV installations made this October. It is evident that Solar PV systems are increasingly becoming popular and in high demand.

Moreover, a recent milestone was hit when the Australian national grid hit the demand of 50.2% for renewable energy. Additionally, APVI reports show that 37% of dwellings in Queensland, 35% of dwellings in SA and 17.9% of dwellings in Victoria are run by a PV system. All of this supports the fact that due to the increase in solar installation, the high demand is affecting solar brands and their ability to keep up. The hardship in accessing Fronius stock can be related to these spikes in solar PV homes increasing by the month Australia-wide.

When will stocks arrive?

There have been discussions online that the Fronius Primo 5.0kW inverter will be available for purchase again in March 2020. This has only been discussed amongst retailers and online forums, although nothing has been formally suggested by the brand. There are some sellers located on the Fronius website who may have stock over the Christmas period, but this is something installers will need to back-order until stock is estimated to arrive in early 2020.

How to overcome the shortage?

Looking for the next best thing? There are many high performing inverter brands in the current market. One that is comparable to Fronius is Solar Edge!

SolarEdge is a strong contender in the inverter brand market. Founded in 2006, SolarEdge has a great reputation for reliability and efficiency. Fronius Primo is said to be a great inverter, that is highly responsive and works in low light or shady conditions. Whereas, SolarEdge inverters work well with your ecosystem of solar panels as a whole. They can operate individually instead of as a group. Effectively, even with factors such as damage or heavy shade, you are highly likely to receive a good amount of power converted by your PV system. In terms of the warranty, Fronius offers 10 years whereas SolarEdge provides a generous 12 years!

When looking at current market pricing for a Fronius inverter, you will save yourself a couple of hundred bucks if you purchase a SolarEdge inverter.  If you were to pair a SolarEdge HD Wave 5kW inverter with Jinko Solar 330w Full Cell Panels, plus P350-5R Optimisers you’ll find there is a difference in price by $400-$500 per system.

An additional $400-$500 is nothing when it can save you from:

  • Hassle of finding inverters in stock
  • Hours spent trying to locate and secure stock
  • When the stock is unavailable calling the customer and changing what they have ordered, and potentially losing the customer all-together.
  • Uncertainty of when stock will be available in Australia again.

SolarEdge stock is in healthy supply here in Australia, it is a well-known premium quality brand that produces reliable and efficient products that customers can fully rely on. SolarEdge has many years’ experience in this industry and uses state of the art technology.

More Inverter Options

Similarly, Solis Inverters is another well-known inverter brand within the Australian market. They are popular in the industry for their innovative technology and reliability as an inverter brand. The Solis 4G 5kW inverter is comparable to the Fronius Primo 5.0kW and is in healthy supply in Australia. Another great perk about Solis is their warranty team is located locally and can readily assist all your needs regarding installation, warranty, and case managing post-purchase of your inverter.

Save yourself the bother of trying to find Fronius Primo stock and look into other various well-trusted brands. Solis 4G 5kW inverter can easily provide you with:

  • Hassle-free stock procurement
  • Local warranty and service case management
  • More jobs completed before the year is up!

Don’t wait around for other brands to become available when there are great brands ready to help you save on inverter costs and get the job done!

Contact Powerark Solar Today at 1300-887-557 and one of our sales representatives can assist you with your inquiry. 


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