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Top Benefits of Going Solar

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Top Benefits of Going Solar

Homeowners and businesses have been harvesting energy from the sun for quite long period of time. As of September 2018, Australia had over 10,131 MW of installed photovoltaic (PV) solar power, of which 3,336 MW were installed from previous 12 months.

However, Despite of the booming demand in solar PV installations and continuous support of the government through solar rebates, incentives and programs, some Australians take longer to decide whether they want solar or keep on using other source of energy. If you are one of them, we have collected some substantial facts to make your decision faster and easier.


Cost of Solar Energy

It is basically free to harvest energy from the sun and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having your own solar PV system gives you a full control on your energy consumption and get rid of the grid. This benefit is apparent to all existing solar energy users and can be seen through the booming demand in the industry.

In Australia, one quarter of homeowners are believers of solar energy. Some of them even enjoy subsidies and solar rebate schemes from the government. These solar programs are designed to make solar components more accessible and affordable to the public.

The exact amount of savings depends on energy consumption, the time of use and the size of solar PV system.

To give you an overview of the payback period, you can refer to the figures below:

(Source: Solar Choice)

Similarly, the payback time could be shorter when you have additional solar component such as battery storage or intelligence software for smart management.


Solar energy is an energy source that has the least unfavorable impact on the environment. Producing electricity with solar panels creates no gasses or emissions that are harmful to the environment and primary contributors to global warming and decreased air quality.

On the same importance, it does not pollute or need so much water to produce electricity making it as one of the most efficient sources of energy in the country.


Solar Jobs

Last April, Australia’s Clean Energy has announced the accreditation of the country’s 5,000th installer. This is only few of the solar jobs that are in-demand in the solar industry contributed by the boom in rooftop PV, both in commercial and residential.

“The Clean Energy Council expects that the number of Accredited Installers will continue to grow in the coming years as prevailing high electricity prices drive more consumers and businesses to consider a rooftop solar installation,” it said in a statement.

There is a bright future in solar industry and it will require more labor force with technical and soft skills and expertise in renewable energy.


To sum it up, all the benefits we have mentioned earlier are only few of the benefits that people can expect when choosing solar. There are a lot of advantages of solar than what you think, and it has numerous potentials in the coming years.

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