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Increase Solar Panels Efficiency without Adding Cost

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Increase Solar Panels Efficiency without Adding Cost

The energy from the sun is unlimited. In fact, the earth is receiving more solar power than it can consume. It is very important that solar energy is efficiently and effectively used to achieve maximum result from solar panels.

To increase the efficiency of your solar panels without the problem of spending more, here are some of the tips we have that you need to start doing.

Right Solar Panels

When you go to choose your solar panels, the decisions you make can influence the efficiency of the whole PV system. Monocrystalline solar modules are highly-efficient but more costly. Additionally, they are heavier than other type of panels to install on your roof. Polycrystalline panels are the in the center with regards to both productivity and cost, and they were the ones which has been introduced to public. They are lighter than monocrystalline cells, and furthermore don’t make as much waste while being made, so there is less of an ecological effect. Depending on your budget and preference, you need to choose wisely which solar panels can give favorable output.

Position of Solar Panels

The key to start having the most efficient output from solar panels is its position on your roof. Poor installation from a bad company can lead to incredibly inefficient panels that do not create a great amount of power. Panels should be installed correctly to ensure that sunlight directly hits the modules for optimal result. Make sure that it receives enough energy any time of the day particularly from 9am to 3pm.

Another thing you need to watch out is to avoid placing it in shaded areas or any places of obstruction that can keep the panels from harnessing energy from the sun.

(Source: https://www.doityourself.com)


Prevent an Increase in Temperature

The efficiency of solar panels varies by temperature levels. Power productivity drops as the temperature gets higher. Adequate gaps of 10mm between the solar modules and the rooftop should be considered, as this permits air to freely move and keep the heat from affecting solar panels. By doing, you can be sure that solar panels have enough spaces to prevent from overheating that may affect the whole performance of the whole PV system.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Solar panels do not require too much in maintenance, and they don’t tend to need any to keep running. However, dirt and dust can accumulate on the surface which are needed to be removed. Cleaning your panels at least twice a year tends to result in a 3 to 5% increase in efficiency. If they get dirty, use warm water and a soft sponge, wet mop or swiper to wipe the solar panels. Do not use a harsh sponge as this could damage the solar panels. When rain water gets into the module, it could then cause damage to the panel as a whole. Make sure that panels are cleansed regularly and ensure that sunlight does not get interrupted. Ideally, use a professional Solar Panel cleaner to ensure that they are cleaned correctly, and ensures your added safety, meaning you do not have to climb up onto the roof.

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