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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Solar Batteries

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Solar Batteries

There is no doubt that 2018 has been a huge year for solar PV, with number of significant achievements and milestones indented up through the past years, including the 2 million solar-powered households. The number of homes installing their own solar PV systems is drastically increasing year by year as they are trusting more clean energy to provide them electricity.
And yet another challenge faced by solar industry are the customers who are still skeptical in buying solar battery storage. Many are still convinced that solar batteries are unnecessary and will only add up to the cost of a PV system. Despite of the public’s partial trust on solar batteries, different labor governments are ready to dedicate some funds in order to help Australian communities to be totally independent from the grid. In fact, 2018 proved that the government is serious about their positive actions toward solar batteries. As a review, below are some of the battery incentive programs that are ready and soon to be ready in subsidizing the cost of battery storage in different states.


(Source: SwitchDin, A roundup of existing & proposed battery incentive programs in Australia.)


2019 will be the year to find out if there will be bigger incentive programs for Australia or similar home battery storage plans from other state governments.

Nevertheless, we can be sure that even without the following loan schemes, solar batteries are something worth considering when installing a Solar PV system in your home.

Reduces Electric Bills

One of the best benefits of having solar batteries is the ability to practically reduce your solar bill to a lower amount. Due to its capability to store excess energy produced by solar panels, it is possible to utilise this saved energy in powering a whole household all day. As a result, you won’t be needing electricity anymore from the grid and become totally independent from it depending on the size capacity of your battery storage.
As we all know, and have experience the cost of electricity is going up every year, and as such installing a home battery something to seriously consider. According to finder.com.au, the price of electricity increased by 3% from 2017 to 2018. Imagine the total amount of money that you can save in a long run if you have a backup system for your PV system without relying from the grid at all the times – simply providing another level of power security for your home.

Acts as Backup System

No matter how efficient you think your PV system is, it is still smart to have a backup system for your home. For example, when times that your solar panels for whatever reason don’t generate enough electricity for your home, your system gets energy from the grid to compensate for the shortage. In essence, you will be paying for this energy as if you don’t have solar panels that are supposedly reducing the cost. But if you have battery support system, you can actually sell back to the grid the stored energy and secure a discounted electric bill. Sound practical, right?
Another practical example of the importance of backup system is when we experience instability of power sources in some areas. Solar battery storage system helps to stabilize the flow of electricity without you worrying for a power interruption. The PV system will automatically pulls energy from the batteries giving you a full control over electricity. Thus, battery systems allow your home to be more flexible when it comes to energy consumption.

No Noise Pollution

Whilst many homes have a generator these days, remember the days when you used a generator to power your home during blackouts? Noisy, isn’t it? This won’t be the case with solar battery system. We all know that battery storage don’t create noise pollution that surely bothers your neighborhood. Batteries are efficiently made to power a home without the cost of the environment or even your neighbor’s peace of mind. Installing a battery is so easy with the help of a certified solar installer. They can assure you to experience solar energy with ease. Solar battery systems also allow homes to consume fewer energy resources in the years to come. This is an important consideration for those who want to reduce pollution and use clean energy as an alternative power source.

These three key benefits are only few of the obvious advantages of using a solar battery system for a home. In actuality, installing  a backup system creates a lot of benefits for the users as time goes by. The longer you use a solar battery system, the bigger the savings it will be. If you are planning to install your PV system soon, never doubt to have a solar battery storage as a backup plan so you can experience grid-free solar PV system.

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